Slow Dancing with Fire: a memoir

forthcoming JANUARY 2022
A memoir of the healing power of art, love, and swimming

In "Slow Dancing with Fire", Yassky traces her emotional and physical healing process in the burn unit and during physical and occupational therapy for an additional year. Earning her credentials as an art therapist, while still an outpatient, she found that all art is therapeutic and helping others heal through the creative process lifts her as well. To overcome the trauma and its consequences, she built a new life through the intertwining of art, love, and swimming, questioning and discovering expanded priorities and unexpected collaborations.


In a topsy turvy world, when people are questioning how they want to live, her story encourages everyone to believe that do-overs are possible, while addressing the universal issues of beauty, identity and visibility vs. invisibility.

Slow Dancing with Fire won honorable mention for the 2018 Doheny Prize at The Center For Fiction, NYC

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finalist of the 2019 Brooklyn Non Fiction Prize

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