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Click here to view the Radio Interview on WPKN "Live Culture" April 30, 2022.

Click here to view the podcast


Other recently published essays include:

“Across the Table”

Lilith “Death Passed Me Over”

 The Plentitudes Journal 2021  "Flaws"

Salon 2021"Gathering, grief and the pandemic Passover" Salon 2021              

"How Social Media Can Give the Silent Generation a Voice"

The Independent 2021 "My ex-husband was hailed as one of the first people in New York to get the vaccine. There's just one problem: He didn't"

"When You Have Sex With Your Ex"

Click here to read “The Lost Ring” in AARP’s The Girlfriend

Click here to read 'Anchor: A Brooklyn House'

finalist of the 2019 Brooklyn Non Fiction Prize

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Brooklyn, New York

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