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Installlation Bali Purnati Center For The Arts

"Object as Biography", 2019

 At an artist residency in Bali in the Winter of 2019 culminating at an exhibition at the Bali Purnati Center For The Arts,  I made a transcultural art piece, interacting with Balinese people learning about their lives.   My theme was Object as Biography, which I had been doing through writing and painting in previous work.  However, this time I added verbal story- telling and Balinese offering bowls filled with water forming a line from a pool to a pavilion where people came to view the images and hear the stories. I expanded the boundaries of my creative process to include installation, realizing the symbolic and very real importance of water in my life and art.  

I asked two locals, I came to know, to lend me a possession that had meaning for them.  I sat with each one in the moonlight and transcribed their stories about the significance of their object and anecdotes about their lives.  They both brought things given to them by a lover expressing devotion.  Swimming in circles in the residency’s small pool, I meditated about how I would portray and connect these images with words.  At a water temple, always aware of water being the antidote to fire and the extreme heat, I performed a purifying ritual focusing on Love. 

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